Direct Mail and Fulfilment

Direct mail and fulfilment are at the core of our offering. We have built a strong reputation for the thorough planning and scheduling on which all successful direct mail campaigns are built.

Our account managers will provide you with a detailed step-by-step schedule covering every operation required to achieve your desired mail or delivery date.

The team will then use their vast experience and industry knowledge to cover off all aspects of laser personalisation and fulfilment that help to create compelling products with excellent results.

A strong attention to detail is invaluable when making sure your direct mail and fulfilment brief is followed. But we don’t stop there. Our passion for improvement leads us to make suggestions of improved processes and further quality control checks.

Working with trusted partners

We can call on a long list of approved and trusted mailing house partners, giving us vast and flexible capacity across a wide range of skills and functionality.

DM examples include:

  • Mechanical enclosing of envelopes
  • OCR camera matching of personalised items
  • Fully automated insertion of incentives such as pens and coasters

We also have extensive resource for hand insertion and collation for those intricate jobs that require a keen eye and 100% pack enclosing integrity.

Our capability in this area ranges from single bespoke projects to campaigns running into many millions of packs with numerous and varied enclosures.

If you have a direct mail and fulfilment project that requires assured implementation, then we’d love to talk to you about it today.

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